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SAT Verbal Test

SAT is a popular abbreviation of the Scholastic Aptitude Test and is used by US colleges and universities to measure the performance of students who apply for the educational programs. The test determines your potential to understand and process factors of mathematical and verbal analysis.

The verbal section which is better known as the Critical Reading section is projected to test your proficiency to read and follow written English. The questions in this section are set in growing levels of difficulty that is the simple questions come first followed by the trickiest questions. The verbal section comprises of passage-based reading questions and sentence completion.

Passages are used from multiple fields like group studies, natural sciences, humanities and fictional stories. These fluctuate in approach and may contain descriptive, debating and explanatory aspects.

Sentence Completion questions verify your understanding of the implication of words and your power to realize how the different components of a sentence fit logically as one. All sentences in this segment have either one or two blanks and you need to choose the correct word that best completes the sentence. provides you with all the up to date information regarding the Critical Reading section and at the same time guarantees you strategic insights to excel in SAT.

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Critical Reading



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