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SAT Math

The SAT is an important test for entrance in the US colleges. The three main sections of SAT include: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. The Math knowledge required for SAT is of set standard that should be within the grasp of a tenth grade student. There are mainly two types of questions in the Math section - multiple choice problem solving and student produced response questions.

Math problems on SAT could be of different complexity levels. Every section may begin with simple questions, shift to an intermediate level and conclude with tough questions. The Math concepts covered on the SAT are number and operations, algebra and functions, geometry and measurement, data analysis, statistics and probability.

Three are total of 54 scored math questions on the SAT. The first section contains 8 problem solving questions and 10 grid-ins for which you have 25 minutes. The second section includes 20 problem solving questions; again the time limit for this is 25 minutes. And the last section comprises of 16 questions for which the time given is 20 minutes.

Math scores improve with practice. You need to solve as many SAT problems as possible, attempt some practice exams to become familiar with the SAT, brush up on the basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry concepts. covers different math strategies, varying from easy arithmetic questions to geometry. This site has predominantly constructed some key strategies to understand and study the SAT Math section.

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