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SAT Exam

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an aptitude exam. Like every aptitude test, SAT is a medium to determine logical ability. The test is now known only as SAT Reasoning Test and not as short form for the previous name. The SAT Test is controlled by the public College Board and the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The SAT is a 3 hour 45 minute test. There are ten sections in the test. The three parts of the test are graded separately. You will get a Critical Reading score, Math score and a Writing score. Each score varies from 200 to 800 with a total test range of 600 to 2400. The overall average score is about 1500.

SAT comprises of three main subjects:

Math: The contents of this section include number and operations, algebra and functions, geometry, statistics, probability and data analysis.

Critical Reading: This section includes sentence completion and passage-based reading.

Writing: Writing emphasis on grammar, usage and word choice.

For the huge majority of students, the means to performing well on the SAT is not the number of questions they answer, but the part they answer correctly. helps you recognize the three most important segments in detail. We provide complete courseware to help you attempt this question paper with no difficulty. We also offer open online tests to help you maximize your scores.

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