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SAT Essay Practice

The SAT Writing Section includes multiple-choice questions and a shortest writing measure in the form of an essay. The essay determines your ability to arrange and put across ideas clearly, to develop and sustain the main thought and use suitable word choice and sentence formation.

The essay ‘prompt’ expects you to write on a particular topic, your essay must deal with the subject offered in the prompt. Essays written on some other subject matter will get a score of zero. Unlike many essays you write in school, you will have barely 25 minutes, and you will not be allowed to use reference materials.

The essay is assessed by highly qualified and experienced school and college professors. Every essay is assessed by two teachers who would not know the score given by the other teacher. The essays are rated on a score from 1 to 6 (6 being the highest score).

Essay writing offers you a chance to show how efficiently you can build up and communicate ideas. For this reason, you should vigilantly develop your point of view; explain your ideas reasonably and wisely. Map and write down an essay in which you can include your point of view and ideas logically. Hold your point with logic and instances taken from your evaluations, lessons, knowledge and observations. is a site constructed to help you prepare for the SAT. An excellent way to prepare for the SAT essay is to write one and get it scored by our experts. We not only grade your essay, but also offer personalized advice that can help you enhance your score on the essay front.

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