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SAT Critical Reading

The SAT is a standardized exam to seek admission in United States for undergraduate and graduate studies. The Critical Reading section is expected to test your ability to read and comprehend written English. The Critical Reading section includes:

Sentence Completion:
The sentence completion questions evaluate your knowledge of meanings of words and your capability to understand the logical formation of sentences. Each sentence in this section has one or two blanks. You have to choose the answer choice that holds the word or words that best complete the sentence.

Passage Based Reading:
The passage-based reading section tests your potential to read and understand both short and long reading passages from different ranges. Reading passages can vary from 100 to about 800 words. They could be different in style and can comprise narrative, challenging, and expository factors. In this section, you need to read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to every question.

Reading is the best way to prepare for the Critical Reading section. From the minute you read this sentence until the time you take the exam, you should cut time out of your life to read. You can read journals, read newspapers, books, periodicals, magazines to improve your reading skills. You have to read seriously about the main subject of the passage, main purpose of the passage, main ideas and arguments in the passage.

The Critical Reading section has constantly been the foundation of the SAT. From analogies to sentence completion, mastering this section can be a challenging task. has created some key strategies to study and overcome the SAT critical reading section.

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Critical Reading



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