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Free Sat Practice Test offers free online tests to help you strengthen your skills before the real SAT reasoning test. The SAT consists of three main sections:

Critical Reading

There is also an addition variable section added to either of the sections. It is important to note that’s the writing section is always first in terms of test order and multiple choice part of the writing section is always last on the test. The other sections usually vary in their test order.

  Critical Reading Mathematics Writing
No. of Sections 3 3 2
Time 25 min(2) & 20 min (1) 25 min(2) & 20 min (1) 35min(1) and 25 min(1)
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Multiple Choice/ Student Response Multiple Choice and Essay Section

The additional variable section is added to either of the above sections and the scores for this section are not counted in the total score. The additional questions are used to test different levels of question or formats to be used in the future. This section must be completed within 25 minutes. helps you understand the basics in preparing for the SAT exam and also offers free online tests to practice and hone your skills.

Free SAT TEST Preparation

Critical Reading



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