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About SAT

The SAT is a commonly used test by colleges to measure if a student will succeed at there school. Though not the only determining factor, good SAT scores can help bolster any college application.

The SAT focuses on Math, Verbal, and Writing. Math and Verbal have always been part of the exam. Only recently (March 12, 2005) was the writing section added. The SAT is broken up into 10 sections, 3 sections for each major category (Math, Verbal, and Writing) and one experimental section that is not graded. The format of the test is as follows:

Section Type of Questions Length
Reading (3 sections) 19 Sentence Completions  
  48 Reading Comprehension  
  67 Total Questions 70 minutes
Writing (3 sections) 49 Grammar  
  1 Essay  
  49 Total Questions + Essay 60 minutes
Math (3 sections) 44 Multiple-choice  
  10 Grid-ins
  54 Total Questions 70 minutes
Experimental Reading, Writing, or Math 25 minutes

The order of the sections is not fixed and can be administered in any order.

The experimental section, can be from any of the main subject categories (math, verbal, or writing). You will not be notified which section is the experimental one but you will know the subject category (since there will be an additional section for one of the main categories).

Though the SAT is a strictly timed test you must make sure to pace yourself. Many people are accustomed to a test-taking approach that focuses on answering every question, but on the SAT it is not how many questions you answer but rather how many you answer correctly. The SAT penalizes students for answering question incorrectly so In turn answering everything can significantly impact your score, depending on how many questions you get wrong.

Each section of the SAT is scored on a 200-800 point system which makes the total score possible range from 600-2400. The average score per section is 500 making the average score 1500.

Every question on the SAT is worth the same amount of points as the other questions in that section. For wrong answers students are penalized a quarter of a point.


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